How To Create A Faculty Profile In ‘’ Website

Steps to Create Faculty Profile and Publish in Adhiparasakthi Engineering College Site

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Log in with your Gmail Username & Password (or) using ( [Request for an account in] account

Step 3: Click “Create” –> “Document”

Click Create

Click Document

Step 4: The new opened window may look like this, (Please Click the photos to enlarge)

Profile Editing Window

Step 5: Click and Edit Title as

“Profile of ┬áMr. Your Name, Your Designation/Department” (Eg: Profile of Mr. John Smith, Assistant Professor/CSE)

Step 6: Edit your Profile (please refer the above picture)

Step 7: Click “File” –> “Publish to the web”

Click Publish to the Web

Step 8: Click “Start Publishing”

Click Start Publishing

Step 9: Copy the ‘Document Link’

Copy the link and send it to us

Step 10: Send a mail to “webmaster[at]” with your Name, Designation, Department, Document Link (the link copied in previous step).
Note 1: It takes 1 to 96 hours to update your profile in website for the first time, You’ll receive a confirmation mail, once your profile is updated.

Note 2: You can access and edit your profile whenever you want at after logging in with same username & password you used to create your profile for the first time. Those changes will reflect in your profile linked to the college website within 5 minutes.


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